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Hurom is the most effective way to absorb nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Health of modern people

As a result of poor eating habits, environmental pollution, and the stress of a modern lifestyle, many people have excessive reserves of “active oxygen” accumulated in their bodies, which destroys cells, deforms DNA, and threatens people to be exposed to various dangerous diseases including cancer and diabetes.

A prerequisite for healthy dietary culture

Hurom Juice has an enriched amount of natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. These nutrients enhance the skin’s health, diet, and also protect the health of people exposed to various adult diseases in modern life style.


Fruit and vegetable juices: greater absorption, greater nutrition!

Hurom juice is very the most effective method of drinking fruits and vegetables while preserving both their taste and nutritional value.


Anti-oxidation: removing harmful active oxygen from our bodies

Fruits and vegetables are fantastic sources for anti-oxidizing nutrients including vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, phytochemicals, and enzymes.



One cup a day with Hurom

It is recommended to consume 790 grams of fresh fruits and vegetables to experience the benefits of anti-oxidation, but the modern lifestyle and diet make it hard to fulfill that requirement. Hurom technology aims to help people reclaim their health with something as simple as a cup of fresh juice.

* The Korean Nutritrion Society 2013.


Hurom juice features enriched amounts of water-soluble dietary fiber, which helps better digestion and absorption of nutrients than when eating raw vegetables and fruits.

* Seung-Shi Ham, 2003. Anticancer Effects of Green Juicer. Food Industry and Nutrition.


The secret to longevity: live enzymes in vegetables, fruits

Enzymes, the secret to a long life.
Doctor Edward Howell, globally recognized as an expert in the field of enzyme nutritional science, has said that the life span of human beings is determined by the amount of enzymes in their bodies. However, the amount of enzymes a human body can produce by itself is limited.
Therefore, saving enzymes in the body and absorbing them from outside are essential for survival and for a long, healthy life.

* The amount of enzymes decreases with age.

Hurom Laboratories

Pineapple is one of the most well-known fruits of enriched proteolytic enzyme(bromelain). We compared pineapple juice made with a Hurom juicer with market-brand pineapple juice to see which contained more enzymes and, thus, more power to dissolve a piece of chicken meat.



Exposed no change


After 1 hour

The chicken soaked in market-brand juice showed no change, while the chicken in Hurom Juice showed signs of slight dissolution.


After 12 hours

The chicken soaked in market-brand juice was still intact.The chicken soaked in Hurom juice was completely dissolved.


Juice market


Juice Hurom

Hurom food nutrition laboratory, 2013.01.

The chicken soaked in Hurom’s pineapple juice was dissolved thanks to the abundance of enzymes; on the other hand, no change occurred in the chicken soaked in market-brand pineapple juice. This experiment showed the lack of enzymes and nutritional value in marketed juice in comparison to the abundance of enzymes and nutritional value of Hurom Juice.